How To Fix a Water-Damaged iPhone in Albuquerque

phone dropped in water damage

Everybody knows that iPhones are popular, but most people do not realize just how popular they are. The truth is that there are more than 1 billion people around the world using these phones! That is just one indicator of how much value people get out of them.

Of course, that also means that a lot of people need to know a little bit about how to repair a water-damaged iPhone. Many people end up wasting money on a new phone when their water-damaged phone is perfectly able to be restored to working condition.

In some cases, you will need to rely on the experts to help you repair your phone. However, there is a good chance that you can restore your phone to normal functioning by following these steps.

Read on to learn all about the most important things to do when you have a water-damaged iPhone in Albuquerque!

Prevent as Much iPhone Water Damage as Possible

The first thing to do is try to prevent as much damage as possible. Although there is a good chance you can repair your phone, that will become harder and harder if your phone receives more damage than is strictly necessary.

First, you should make sure to remove your phone from water as soon as possible. The longer it stays in, the harder it will be to repair.

However, you need to be careful as you remove your phone. Depending on the orientation of your phone, it is possible that turning it one way or the other will help water sink into places it has not already accessed. Try to pick your phone straight up without changing its orientation.

Turn Off Your Phone to Minimize iPhone Liquid Damage

Even before you focus your efforts on removing water, you should turn off your phone. Every second that goes by with your phone on and water inside of it is a crucial moment.

Many people don’t realize how resistant electronics can be as long as there is no electricity flowing through them. After all, the whole reason that water tends to damage phones is because it conducts electricity.

If your phone is on, then it will be full of flowing electricity, which can travel through the water and end up delivering electricity where it does not belong. The end result can be a fried phone.

Even before you start removing water, turn off your phone. This will maximize your chance of preventing as much damage as possible.

Take Out Your Battery if Possible

Some phones do not allow you to open them up and remove the battery. However, if your phone allows this, remove the battery even before you focus on drying your phone out as much as possible.

Even when your phone is off, the battery holds a lot of potential electrical flow. If water gets inside the battery, it will conduct electricity where it does not belong.

Decrease Your Need for iPhone Repair Services by Dabbing Your Phone

At this point, it is time to start removing as much water as possible. Many people make the mistake of rubbing their wet phone with a cloth. However, this strategy can actually cause water to get into more crevices.

Just as you do not want to shift the orientation of your phone so as to avoid directing water into new places, you do not want to push water into new places with a cloth. That means that you should use a dabbing strategy instead. That is much more likely to soak up water without allowing it to go anywhere new.

Some people also make the mistake of rushing this step. At this point, you want to get absolutely as much water out as possible. Dab your phone until you think the water is mostly gone.

Then, it is probably worth taking a few extra moments to dab your phone some more to make it as dry as possible. Other drying techniques will only be able to remove tiny amounts of water, so the more water you can get out by dabbing, the better.

Use Something to Soak up the Water

At this point, there should only be small amounts of water left in your phone. However, there is a good chance that these small amount of water will be in the deepest crevices. That may be where they will be able to do the most damage.

You need to soak up the water in these crevices without being able to access them. Many people rely on things like rice to help soak the water up out of their phone. Immersing your phone in dry rice can sometimes work.

However, it should come as no surprise that rice is not the number one most efficient way to absorb extra water out of the crevices of your phone. Instead, it is best to use silica gel packets.

Try filling a bag with these packets and put your phone inside. That is a more powerful way to get your phone to be bone dry inside and out.

Prevent Further iPhone Water Damage Repair Needs by Avoiding the Sun

Knowing how to fix water-damaged iPhones is only half the battle. You also need to know how to avoid making things worse than they need to be. Some people put their phone in the Sun to try to remove water through heat.

However, this can cause more damage than it prevents. Stick with silica packets or even rice rather than relying on heat to try to fix your phone.

If none of this works, that does not mean that there is no chance you can repair your phone. Taking your phone to the phone repair professionals in Albuquerque can still allow you to restore your phone to normal condition without having to buy a new one.

The better their reviews, the more likely they are to be able to help you with your phone!

Understand How to Fix a Water-Damaged iPhone 

We hope learning about how to fix a water-damaged iPhone has been helpful for you. Many people despair when they drop their phone in water. However, by following the right steps, there is a good chance that your phone will continue to work without serious problems.

To learn more about how to keep your phone in top condition or to talk with repair experts, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!