12 Little-Known Tips To Help Prolong the Life of Your Smartphone

Most of us spend hours every day on our cell phones talking to friends and family, browsing the web, and using apps, so it’s important that we keep them in good order. Here are some great tips that will help to keep your cell up and running.

1. Clean It Often

It’s not enough to give your phone a quick wipe now and again, as it can harbor a lot of germs and needs to be properly cleaned. First, unplug your phone and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds. Then, wipe the phone’s exterior, including the screen, with an antibacterial wipe or an alcohol-based cleaner with at least 70% alcohol. While you’re cleaning it, be sure not to get any moisture in the ports.

2. Unplug the Charger When It’s Fully Charged

You’re not doing your phone any favors if you leave it plugged in after it has already been fully charged. Charging your phone again after it reaches 100 percent won’t keep the battery going for longer, but it can reduce its efficacy.

3. Don’t Click Suspicious Links

If you’re clicking on pop-ups or dubious links, don’t expect your cell phone to last long. By clicking on suspicious links, you risk infecting it with viruses and malware, which can significantly slow its functioning and risk exposing your private information.

4. Be Sure To Install Software Updates

While many people ignore software updates for months on end, doing so can be detrimental to your phone. If you don’t update your software on a regular basis, your applications will not function at peak performance. More importantly, not updating your apps may increase your phone’s vulnerability to malware and cyber-attacks, putting you at risk of identity theft.

5. Don’t Force the Plug Into the Charging Port

You might be wondering to yourself how you could possibly be plugging the cables into the ports incorrectly, but you’d be surprised how many phones need to be repaired because their owners have damaged the ports doing just that.

If you force your charging cable into your phone’s charging port rather than carefully guiding it in, you may be damaging it without even realizing it. In fact, the port is quite delicate and can easily become misaligned. That can result in your phone not charging correctly. That said, not all problems with charging are due to a damaged port, so don’t assume that’s the issue. Dust and other debris can get into the ports, so it’s a good idea to use a small soft brush or specific phone-cleaning tool to clean it once in a while.

6. No Need To Run Your Battery Down Fully Before Charging

You may have heard that letting your phone’s battery die completely before charging it again is the best thing you can do for its life. It’s possible that doing that will harm your phone. Most phone companies advise that your phone will function best if you keep the charge between forty and eighty percent most of the time.

7. Avoid Using Your Phone in Extreme Temperatures

Desert hikes and snowy winter strolls aren’t exactly phone-friendly activities. Most phones have a temperature range that works best for them, and temperatures outside of those narrow parameters can have a significant impact. Consult the user guide that came with your phone to find out what’s best for your model.

8. Try Not To Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket

Another way you’re damaging your cell phone is by keeping it in your pocket for too long. Your body heat may deplete the battery. There have been reports of older iPhones bending in customers’ pockets. Smartphone batteries work best at temperatures between 62 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much cooler than your body’s 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Free Up Some Storage

You may not assess how much of your phone’s storage capacity you’re using on a regular basis, but failing to do so can have serious consequences on performance. When your storage space is full or nearly full, it can slow your phone down, making it difficult for apps to load and affecting image quality.

If you want to free up some memory quickly, start by deleting the apps you don’t use, then get rid of some of those less-than-lovely selfies from your gallery. Finally, delete those songs you haven’t listened to in years.

10. Fit a Screen Protector

Think screen protectors are a waste of time? Well, think again. While a screen protector may appear to be nothing more than a thin piece of plastic or tempered glass, it can be a huge help in keeping your phone’s screen safe from damage. While screen protectors are far from perfect, any additional measure of protection is a good thing, and there’s really no reason not to have one. They’re easy to fit and you can buy one online for the price of a cup of coffee. The best screen protectors should come with at least a $100 repair guarantee. 

11. Avoid Using Your Phone in the Rain

You probably already know not to submerge your phone in water to clean it, but most people are unaware of the extent to which using your phone in a downpour can harm it. Unless your phone is water resistant, if water gets inside your phone while you use it in the rain, it could do some serious damage.

12. Don’t Drop It!

While you may realize that dropping your smartphone is one of the most basic ways to damage it, that doesn’t mean you don’t do it on occasion. It’s going to happen from time to time so protect your phone with a strong case. If you don’t, you’re leaving it vulnerable to damage like broken screens, non-functional ports, and, if you don’t back up, even data loss.

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