How To Choose the Best Laptop Repair Shop in Albuquerque

Albuquerque laptop repair

A laptop’s average lifespan is 3-5 years. If you take care of it, then you can get quite a bit of time out of your device.

However, that involves getting repairs and maintenance done when needed. Even if your laptop is at the end of its lifespan, you might find that the right repair shop can buy you some more time.

But just how do you find the best laptop repair in Albuquerque? This is how you do it.

Ask for Referrals

The first thing you can do is ask for referrals from friends and family. They’re likely to have used an Albuquerque laptop repair shop before and might be able to tell you about a place that did a great job — or even somewhere to stay away from!

While everyone’s experience is different, if a shop name pops up a few times, then it’s a solid sign they’ve left a trail of happy customers behind them.

Read Online Reviews

Even with those personal referrals, you should still take the time to read online reviews. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends or family, and they’re right to. Reviews are left by neutral, third-party people who are being honest about their experience.

The shop should have a good overall rating on whatever platform you’re looking at (the most popular being Google, Yelp, and Facebook). You can also dive into the high and low reviews to see what they’ve done well and what they maybe haven’t done so well.

Look at Their Website

The next thing to do is look at their website, if they have one. Successful repair shops for laptops should have a clean, accessible website with all of their contact information clearly listed as well as perhaps some information about what they do and what they can specialize in.

You can also check that the shop is conveniently located to you and that their opening hours work for you.

Check Their Experience

While someone new to repairing laptops might be great at it, you’ll want a shop that’s been doing this for a while if you want to ensure the best service and the best result. Some companies have their experience proudly displayed on their website but if they don’t, it never hurts to ask them how long they’ve been doing this.

Don’t just check out their general experience though. You should also ask them about their experience with:

  • The specific laptop you have
  • The specific problem you have

For example if you’re looking for laptop screen repair and a shop really only has experience with batteries then while they might be great at what they do, it’s probably not the shop for you.

Ask About the Timeline

You should also ask them how long it’s going to take to fix the issue. Often, shops have to order in parts or send the laptop away to fix the problem and while this is completely normal, it does affect the timeline. Also ask what the chances are of that timeline being extended.

While you should understand that laptops can take a while to fix, if the timeline is too long for you, it might be a sign that you need to go elsewhere and find out if someone else could get the job done quicker.

Ask About the Quote

The dreaded quote. It’s important though we often don’t want to hear it. It’s fine to get quotes from a few repair shops and factor that in with everything else.

However, it’s also important to not automatically go with the cheapest. Although you need to ensure that the price is within your budget and you can afford to pay for the repair, if there’s a quote miles cheaper than the rest, there might be a reason for that.

Is it because the shop has little experience? Is it because they’re using cheaper parts? Do they have bad reviews they’re trying to make up for?

So yes, while the quote is important, make sure you think about it alongside all of the other factors that make up a great repair shop. That way, you can make an informed decision.

Consider the People

You should also make sure you’re comfortable handing your laptop over to the shop you’re talking to. Our devices are a huge part of our lives in the age of technology and you should make sure you trust the employees.

They should strike a great balance of warm and friendly as well as being upfront and transparent with the answers to any questions you have. If you feel like they’re trying to hide something or can’t give you a timeline or quote for the repair until it’s done, that’s a red flag.

Ultimately, remember to listen to your instinct too. If you don’t like the people you’re talking to, there are plenty of other repair shops in Albuquerque and you can take your business elsewhere.

Find the Best Laptop Repair Shop in Albuquerque

Although it can daunting to hand your laptop over to strangers and trust that they’ll fix it, your chances are great if you do a little research beforehand.

Ask for referrals, read reviews, make sure you understand the timeline and quote, and make sure any laptop repair shop you do use is experienced. If you do all of this, chances are, you’ll get your laptop back in no time and it’ll be working much better than before.

Looking for a trusted, experienced, and professional repair shop in Albuquerque? We can provide a free repair estimate online.